Managing commercial properties can be a daunting task, especially with the constant need to balance expenses and maximize profits. However, at Elite Bookkeeping and Accounting Services, we offer a range of specialized accounting services and tax strategies designed for property managers in the Atlanta real estate market.

Our team of experts will handle all of your accounting processes, from cost segregation and 1031 exchanges to tax reduction planning. With our industry experience, we can accurately determine the tax deductions you qualify for and develop a comprehensive plan to minimize your tax liability. We will also ensure that your real estate business is keeping proper tax records and taking advantage of all available credits allowed under Elite Bookkeeping and Accounting Services IRS guidelines.

Our range of accounting services for property managers includes:
  • Outsourced accounting and bookkeeping
  • Cloud-based accounting
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Strategic tax planning
  • Cost segregation
  • Tax deferral transactions
  • Passive activity deductions
  • New business advisory
  • Property valuations
  • Lease analysis and review
  • Rent roll preparation and posting
  • Analysis and application of cash receipts to tenant accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable review and general ledger accounting
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Ensuring compliance with management contracts
  • Monthly and quarterly accruals

Real estate investors need to keep a close eye on their finances and tax obligations to thrive in the highly competitive real estate market. For professional guidance and support, turn to Elite Bookkeeping and Accounting Services, a leading business advisor. Our team of financial experts has extensive experience working with commercial real estate investors and is fully equipped to handle all your accounting and tax requirements.

We provide specialized real estate accounting services such as cost segregation, 1031 exchanges, and passive activity deductions, ensuring your records are accurate and organized. Our customized financial reports enable you to identify and eliminate unnecessary expenses, while our comprehensive knowledge of changing tax legislation allows us to develop new, money-saving tax strategies for our real estate clients.

At Elite Bookkeeping and Accounting Services, we provide a complete range of accounting and tax services for real estate investors, including acquisition due diligence, cloud accounting services, tax reduction strategies, and outsourced CFO services.

  • Cloud Accounting Services
  • Tax Reduction Strategies
  • Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Cost Segregation Analysis
  • Tax deferral transactions
  • Passive activity deductions
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Virtual CFO Services
  • New Business Advisory

Running a construction business can be demanding, leaving you with limited time to manage your financials. Poor accounting practices can negatively impact your tax obligations, hinder your business growth, and limit profitability. We understand the complexities of the construction industry and provide customized accounting services and tax strategies to help you manage your finances effectively.

Our experienced team will help you keep your construction projects organized and within budget. We’ll prepare accurate financial reports that enable you to monitor cash flow and operating costs. Our specialized construction accounting services include job estimating and costing, fixed asset accounting and depreciation, and tax reduction planning. With our insights and tax planning techniques, you’ll see higher profits at year-end while reducing your tax liabilities.

  • Operational reviews and assessments
  • Job estimating and costing
  • Tax reduction planning
  • Tax compliance
  • Cloud-based accounting solutions
  • Budgeting
  • Cash flow monitoring
  • Fixed asset accounting and depreciation
  • Virtual CFO services
  • New Business Advisory